WAMC - ORM, Male, 516 MCAT 4.0 GPA

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Mar 5, 2021
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Thanks for any help you guys give. I appreciate it all. I am applying this upcoming cycle and would love some feedback. I will graduate in the fall of 2024, so I will have a "mini-gap year" in a way. I'm looking for advice on school list, and if I should add any more to it.
  1. cGPA and sGPA as calculated by AMCAS or AACOMAS
    1. 4.0 for both
  2. MCAT score(s) and breakdown. Include all (non-voided) attempts.
    1. 516 (131 Chem/126 CARS/131 Bio/128 P/S)
  3. State of residence or country of citizenship (if non-US)
    1. Iowa
  4. Ethnicity and/or race
    1. White
  5. Undergraduate institution or category
    1. Small Liberal Arts School in the Midwest, Bio Major and Chem minor
  6. Clinical experience (volunteer and non-volunteer)
    1. 100 hours as a clinic volunteer in orthopedic and family medicine clinics, I get to help a lot with patients (200 projected until matriculation)
    2. 75 hours as a rural EMT (Lots of projected until matriculation)
  7. Research experience and productivity
    1. 400 hours of chemistry research at undergraduate institution, 1 poster presentation at a convention
  8. Shadowing experience and specialties represented
    1. 30 hours of shadowing so far (ER, Family Med, Ortho, Sports Med, Anesthesia)
    2. Will get more in the near future in family med
  9. Non-clinical volunteering
    1. 200 hours total doing a mix of things over the years (Special Olympics volunteer, Flag Football Coach, Middle School Head Basketball Coach at a local school)
  10. Other extracurricular activities (including athletics, military service, gap year activities, leadership, teaching, etc)
    1. Athletics: Collegiate football player. Played at a smaller college and also at a division 1 university. Earned multiple all-american honors, academic all-american honors, high-achieving athlete.
    2. Team Captain for football team. Good leadership role for myself.
    3. Peer Tutor for around 300 hours at my undergrad institution.
    4. I will serve as a Physics II TA next semester for a new teacher.
  11. Relevant honors or awards
    1. N/A except for awards listed above
  12. Anything else not listed you think might be important
    1. I help run a twitter account with over 20,000 followers alongside my brother. We are working on publishing a book with similar content to that which we post.
    2. LORs should be good, 3 professors, 1 coach, and 1 physician who all know me very well.
    3. I'm most concerned with low clinical hours and not having a diverse non-clinical volunteering history.
School List: Iowa, Medical College of Wisconsin, Western Michigan, Oakland, TCU, Wake Forest, Colorado, Quinnipiac, Vermont, Penn State, VCU, Albany Medical College, Temple, Drexel

What do you guys think on school list? Suggestions for what I should be doing in the near future to help improve application?

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In general, I think you have a good profile to start, but you just need to push yourself to get more clinical and MUCH MORE service orientation hours (do things that don't leverage your athletics background, so you've done enough coaching! More EMT might help you, especially in rural communities). You should get a strong shot at the schools closest to you, including your in-state options (throwing in the DO's though you should be fine with MD only).
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You could add these schools to your application:
Rosalind Franklin
USF Morsani
Eastern Virginia
George Washington
New York Medical College