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Jul 30, 2017
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  1. Pre-Medical
  • cGPA and sGPA: 3.87 / 3.83
  • MCAT Score(s) and Breakdown: 1st attempt 504 (126/126/126/126), 2nd attempt 509 (126/124/128/131)
  • State: CA
  • Ethnicity and/or race: white (Middle Eastern)
  • Undergraduate institution or category: UCLA
  • Clinical experience: 305 hours volunteering at UCLA Health institutions. Currently as of today, 750 hours as full-time Scribe and Ophthalmic technician (that also translates for Armenian patients).
  • Research experience: 380 hours in neuroscience lab, currently 150 hours in clinical research on cataract and glaucoma surgery, co-authorship on 2 presentations, currently writing for 2 papers based on this clinical research (up to 4-5 papers if I take another gap year to reapply)
  • Shadowing experience: 400 hours
  • Non-clinical volunteering: 200 hours at Armenian church Saturday school
  • Teaching Experience: 160 hours in creating, designing, and teaching my own course about music and medicine to 30 undergraduate students. 160 hours as a teaching assistant for life science math course.
  • Other extracurricular activities: 800 hours for 2 organizations. Leading and jumpstarting a fundraising campaign during the pandemic that raised $55k+ for blood cancer patient relief. I also worked as a professional musician and producer for multiple artists and have published my own music to streaming.
  • Relevant honors and awards: Phi Betta Kappa, Alumni Scholarship
  • Languages: English, Armenian, Spanish (not advanced yet but have been improving by taking post-graduate classes for Medical Spanish)
  • Other: (possible) reapplicant. Worked part-time as a customer service associate during my first year in college. Commuter student for four years
Applied to 45 schools total: Albany, Cal Northstate, Cal Uni, Central Michigan, FAU, Rosalind Franklin, Drexel, Quinnipiac, GW, Georgetown, Kaiser, Keck, Temple, Loma Linda, Loyola Stritch, Mayo Clinic, Wisconsin, Michigan State, NYMC, NYU, NYU Long Island, Oakland, Oregon, Penn State, Rush, Sidney Kimmel, TCU, Uni of Arizona Phoenix, Uni of Arizona Tucson, UC Davis, UC Irvine, UCLA, UC Riverside, UC San Diego, UCSF, Uni Connecticut, University of Illinois, Maryland, Pittsburgh, Rochester, Washington, Wayne State, Wright State

I know that if I have to reapply, my experience as a clinical research assistant and scribe will definitely add to my application and fill gaps in my research and patient-care interaction experience. In my application, I will be increasing the hours of my current jobs to reflect the hours I will have worked until 2022 (assuming I get an A with a second cycle). I want to know what are my chances and get any advice for how I can succeed if I have to reapply, especially deciding what schools to apply to and how many should be DOs.


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Jul 14, 2005
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Have you had any interviews this year? If so have to heard from the school? Were you rejected or placed on a WL? When were your primaries/secondaries submitted. When were you marked complete?
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Jul 30, 2017
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  1. Pre-Medical
I got one interview, which ended up an R. I submitted my primary application 1.5 weeks after they opened (but given the pandemic AAMC said that all the applications submitted within the first two weeks would be handed to schools on the same day) and the secondaries were all sent within 2 weeks. They were all marked complete. @candbgirl


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Sep 15, 2012
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  1. Attending Physician
You should also apply to DO schools if you reapply and I suggest these:
Some of the MD schools you applied to were unrealistic with a MCAT of 509 and several are state public schools that accept few non residents with your MCAT and non connection to the state. I suggest these schools:
New York Medical College
Seton Hall
Penn State
George Washington
Virginia Commonwealth
Eastern Virginia
Wake Forest
Florida Atlantic
Florida International
Central Florida
St. Louis
Medical College Wisconsin
Oakland Beaumont
Wayne State
California University
California Northstate
UC Davis
UC Irvine
UC Riverside (if you are from that region)
Loma Linda
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