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Aug 22, 2018
Hello! Thank you in advance for your read/input.
I applied MD is past cycle, received 1 II (5 holds if that means anything), got waitlisted, and recently committed to reapply. I should've applied more broadly, but I'm not going to dwell on that any longer if I can help it. I intended to take another gap year to strengthen my application, but I realize my 2018 MCAT score would expire for some schools for the 2021-2022 cycle. I am looking to apply mostly DO on this go.

cGPA: 3.72, sGPA: 3.64
MCAT: 1st attempt 501 (126/126/126/123), 2nd attempt 512 (128/127/128/129)
State of Residence: CA
Demographics: Asian, female
Highest Education: Master's Degree (Health Sciences), not SMP, 3.86 gpa
Undergrad Major: Biology

Paid Employment (mostly Research & Teaching):
  • 1-year as a Researcher at a non-healthcare-related company
    • I mainly just took this opportunity to explore a different career path, and I decided it wasn't for me.
  • 1-year as a Research Tech at a major research hospital, no publications
  • 80 hours as a TA for economics department at undergrad
  • 500 hours as a Research Assistant for summer NSF research internship, poster presentation, no publication
  • 100 hours as a TA for chemistry department at undergrad
  • 50 hours as Tutor for biology department at undergrad
  • 1000 hours as a Research Assistant for biology department at undergrad, poster presentations, published 1st author
Clinical Volunteer Work:
  • 60 hours volunteer in outpatient setting
  • 40 hours volunteer as a bookcart/walking library
Nonclinical Volunteer Work:
  • 30 hours, local community network, volunteered in elderly home and soup kitchens
  • 4-years, Best Buddies
  • 10-hours, Neurologist, DO
  • 90-hours, OB-GYN, DO

List (11):

@Faha @Goro any advice would be much appreciated
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