WAMC/School List - 516 MCAT 3.91 sGPA


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Dec 27, 2018
    Year in school: junior, state school (BS Biology, minor in Vocal Performance)

    Country/state of residence: Massachusetts

    Cumulative GPA: 3.9

    Science GPA: 3.9

    MCAT Scores: 516

    Schools to which you are applying:
    Medical College of Wisconsin
    Drexel University
    Quinnipiac University
    Georgetown University
    University of Colorado
    Virginia Commonwealth
    Tufts University
    Emory University
    University of Massachusetts, Worcester
    Ohio State University
    University of Southern California Keck
    Dartmouth College
    Albert Einstein
    Brown University
    University of Pittsburgh
    University of Cincinnati
    University of California, San Diego
    Duke University
    Case Western Reserve
    University of California, Los Angeles
    University of Virginia
    Stanford University
    Mayo Clinic

    Research – include any abstracts/posters/publications and how you were credited (eg. First author, senior author, etc):

    Total = ~2750 hrs basic research

    Highschool/undergrad lab: 3 summers (~750 hrs), 1 paper (2nd author out of 3)

    Undergrad lab: 3 years (~2000 hrs) Honors Thesis completed, abstract accepted at regional conference & undergraduate conference (cancelled due to COVID-19)

    Clinical research: done over 1 summer while shadowing a dr - 1 pub under review (3rd author)

    Volunteering (clinical) – include hours/sites:
    • Medical trips to Haiti & Guatemala with local medical school team - 80 hrs total
    • Local free clinic - 15 hrs
    • Nursing home - 20 hrs
    Physician shadowing – include hours/specialties:
    • Vascular surgery - 20 hrs
    • Pediatric endocrinology - 30 hrs
    Non-clinical volunteering:
    • Service dog foster trainer - 85 hrs
    • Food Recovery Network - 30 hrs
    • TA for a lab course (2 semesters, 150 hrs)
    Extracurricular activities:
    • University Chorale & Opera Workshop - voice performance minor, several years of classical voice lessons, participated in several concerts, had a role in our Opera Workshop production of the Magic Flute (6-20 hrs per week depending for 3 years)
    • Run a craft fair business with my grandmother making & have sold my own handmade jewelry (6 yrs, variable hours)
    • Hobbies: knitting, crocheting, cooking/baking
    Employment history:
    • Research assistant position for 2 summers (500 hrs)
    • Research Mentor position for a group of highschool students (300 hrs)
    Immediate family members in medicine? (y/n): yes

    Specialty of interest: surgery

    Interest in rural health (y/n): no


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    Sep 15, 2012
    1. Attending Physician
      Your low clinical volunteering hours in this country and low non clinical volunteering hours will limit your chances for interviews.
      I suggest these schools with your stats and ECs:
      New York Medical College
      Seton Hall
      Ohio State
      George Washington
      Virginia Commonwealth
      NOVA MD
      USF Morsani
      Rosalind Franklin
      Medical College Wisconsin
      Western Michigan
      Oakland Beaumont
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