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WAMC/School List (a Little Nervous)


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Jun 7, 2020
  1. Pre-Medical
Hello everybody,

I am a first time poster (longtime lurker) here and I am applying in the 2021 MD cycle. I would appreciate any and all feedback on my application, chances, and school list.

My school list is:
Albert Einstein
Case Western
George Washington
Lewis Katz at Temple
Mayo Clinic
Med College of Wisconsin
Michigan State
Ohio State
Robert Larner at Vermont
Sidney Kimmel at Jefferson
U Cincinnati
U Colorado
U Iowa
U Miami (Miller)
U Michigan
U Pitt
Wayne State

Demographics and Scores:
-22 yo Caucasian male. Lifelong Michigan resident.
-Cell/Molec Bio Major, Biochem Minor
-GPA: 3.80 & sGPA: 3.71 (stable trend for both)
-MCAT: Hoping for a score in the 515-520 range. Practice tests have been between 510-513 (AAMC 1, 2, and 3). Been doing a lot of prep since most recent FL due to COVID-19 test delays, feel confident overall.

Clinical experience:
-3,400 hours at a GI practice as a research assistant. Lots of good experiences from performing office visits to clinical trial management.
-About 50 hours shadowing various procedures, office visits, and tumor boards.

Research experience:
-750 hours working in a genetics lab. One first author poster.
-Currently doing 2-3 clinical research projects with hopes of publishing in the upcoming year. Approximately 100-200 hours when it is all said and done.
-Research mentor during a Summer program at my university for 25 hours.

-165 hours as a student instructor/tutor for university introductory biology.
-Manager of a lifeguard staff at a large public facility for 2 summers (875 hours). Responsible for training guards and maintaining facility/chemicals for safe swimming.
-Previously mentioned research mentor.
-Instructor for new employee at my clinical job. Basic description includes teaching research techniques, monitoring employee's progress, and being a mentor for study specific procedures.

-50 hours at many organizations in my college's county.

Other experiences:
-250 hours of work as a landscaper/outdoor worker
-Approximately 1600 hours as a lifeguard (includes time as manager)

-Magna Cum Laude
-Honors College graduate
-Dean's list for multiple semesters
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