WAMC/School List Help (3.46 cGPA, 511 MCAT ORM)

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May 16, 2021
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Hello! I was hoping for some help refining my current school list. I'm planning to apply a mix of MD/DO but with a higher DO emphasis. As of right now my DO list is under developed as I'm focusing more on schools closer to home/well known. Would love to get some guidance on some other recommended schools with my stat range! I have largely mediocre stats, with a decent upward trend my last 2 years of college. cGPA isn't bad, but my sGPA is pretty down there. Hoping my MCAT will help raise my chances a little bit. I appreciate any guidance, thanks!

cGPA: 3.46
sGPA: 3.26 (AAMC) 3.32 (AACOMAS)
MCAT: 511 (127/127/129/128)
State: CA, Inland Empire raised
Ethnicity: Southeast Asian
Undergraduate: 2020 Grad from a large UC School
Clinical experience:
  1. ~1200 Hours as an Office Manager for a Family Clinic
  2. ~100 Hours Volunteer in a General Practice
  3. ~150 Hours Hospital Volunteer
  4. ~100 Hours Volunteer PT Aid
  5. ~250 Hours Health Focused Organization (Local Health Fairs, Community Outreach, Mission Trip Etc. . )
Research: NA
Shadowing experience: Spent ~100 Hours volunteering in a family clinic. Got a mix of clinical and shadowing activities throughout the year.
Non-clinical volunteering: ~ 25 Hours in soup kitchens, adoption fairs etc. .
Other extracurricular activities (including athletics, military service, gap year activities, leadership, teaching, etc)
  1. ~100 Hours Biology TA
  2. ~200 Hours Orientation Leadership Program
  3. ~100 Hours Pathology Assistant (Financials/Billings)
Relevant honors or awards: Provost Honors, but everyone has a couple of those.
Immediate Family in medicine: No
Interest in Primary Care (Y/N): Y
Interest in Rural Health (Y/N): N

School List:
UCR (IE Preference)
Arizona Tuscon
New York Medical College
California University of Science and Medicine
Rosalind Franklin
UC__(A reach UC, but I am an alumni here and technically URM under their ethnicity breakdown. Also blanked because it would be too obvious of my location)

Western - Oregon
Western - CA
Touro - CA
LECOM - Bradenton
Des Moines

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