WAMC/School List Help: 3.9 GPA 508 MCAT URM

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Sep 19, 2022
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HI All! I am planning on applying during the 2023-2024 cycle and need some help with my school list. This is also my first post here so sorry in advance if I forget anything!

1. cGPA/sGPA: 3.95/3.93
2. 508 (126/128/127/127)
3. MI
4. URM, Black (AA), F
5. State School; Biochem major
6. MA at Primary Care Office (~2000 hours)
  • Research tech at a T10 institution will have ~950 hours at time of application; 1 Pub, and will likely have another publication by application time
  • Undergrad Research Lab #1 Basic Bio research ~850 hours; 1 poster, 1 talk
  • Undergrad Research Lab #2 Anthropology research ~200 hours
8. 100+ hours shadowing (split across primary care, derm, and oncology)
  • Tutor for elementary/middle school students (~1500 hrs, unpaid)
  • Ronald McDonald House Volunteer (100 hrs)
10. Mentor for URM/First Gen students at my undergrad (~200 hrs); Currently working as research tech (mentioned above) during my second gap year
11. Deans list, small merit scholarship/award

My Current List:

  • University of Michigan
  • Michigan State University
  • Wayne State
  • Oakland University William Beaumont
  • Western Michigan University
  • Central Michigan
OOS: Not really sure here, just building off of past lists I've seen on this thread! PLEASE let me know what I should add, keep, take off, etc.
  • Boston University*
  • Tufts
  • Brown
  • Einstein
  • Mount Sinai*
  • Pittsburgh*
  • Jefferson
  • Temple
  • Georgetown
  • Howard
  • Emory
  • Miami
  • Cincinnati
  • Ohio State
  • Case Western
  • UCLA Drew
  • Duke*
(*reaches (?))

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You have a good list and should receive several interviews. You could add St. Louis, Tulane, Northwestern, NYU, Columbia, Cornell, Kaiser.
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Just thought I would say as a data point that you will have a great cycle! My GPA and MCAT are both VERY similar to yours, also URM (AA), and have gotten IIs to many schools on your list without nearly as much research or clinical experience. Good writing can go a long way!
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