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Feb 11, 2021
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  1. Pre-Medical
Hello! Looking to get advice on my chances, and how my school list ties into that. I'm worried that my list is a little top heavy, but with my stats I also don't want to get yield protected. Thank you very much for your help and time!
  1. GPA: cGPA: 3.81, sGPA 3.76
  2. MCAT: 522 total score. 131 C/P, 130 CARS, 131 Bio, 130 Psych/Social
  3. Resdence: NY state, attended undergrad in IL
  4. ORM/URM? White male
  5. Undergraduate Institution: T100 school
  6. Clinical Experience: ~60 hours as an EMT right out of high school. 100 hours volunteering at a local hospital the previous summer. Currently trying to get a scribe job for the remainder of my gap years.
  7. Research: 500 hours working as a summer intern at a chemical research/industry startup. 1500 hours working in an undergraduate research lab. 1 publication in a high impact journal as the 2nd author.
  8. Shadowing: 8 hours of virtual shadowing thanks to COVID.
  9. Non-Clinical Volunteering: 20 hours over 4 years singing at a local home for adults with developmental disabilities. 80 hours volunteering in a cultural exchange on a farm in rural Oregon. Will have around 30 hours with Crisis Text Line by May.
  10. Other extracurricular activities:
    1. Worked to support myself through undergrad. 4 years as a manager of a coffee shop working 15-20 hours per week, as well as a year spent tutoring low-resourced public school students in the SAT.
    2. ~800 hours as leadership (Treasurer and then Music Director) of my college a capella group
    3. Singing in various choirs.
  11. Other info: Was going to use this past year as time to boost my application but because of COVID I moved to my father's country for 6 months.
School List

High Reaches:



Mayo Clinic

Lower reaches:



U Chicago


Mt. Sinai




Case Western

Ohio State



Albert Einstein


Boston University


SUNY Downstate

SUNY Upstate

SUNY Stony Brook

SUNY Buffalo

University of Maryland

Virginia Commonwealth University


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May 28, 2014
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I think your list is appropriate.

I would however try to get as much Non-clinical volunteering in before app time. Your research is exceptional and clinical is okay (scribe job is a great addition) - nonclinical is the one "weakness" I'd say. I would definitely talk up the employment to support yourself angle too, looks good. Otherwise I think you have a good shot for your state schools and targets.

Also consider: Albany, NYU, Pitt
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