WAMC + School List Help (NY Resident 3.91/519)

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May 15, 2024
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Hi! I am a white female and New York State resident. I just completed my undergrad in NY and am taking a gap year. I'd appreciate any recommendations regarding my school list (I’m aiming for around 30-35 schools total)

cGPA: 3.91
sGPA: 3.87
MCAT: 519 (129/127/132/131)

-400 hours MA at family practitioners office, phlebotomist, and volunteering in a hospital (working full time during gap year to get ~500 hours as MA + phlebotomist at same family practitioner’s office)
-950 hours of research through FRI program and independent study with a focus on Alzheimer’s disease and neurological and endocrine disorders (2 posters, 1 capstone presentation)
-100 hours shadowing family practitioner and OBGYN
-100 hours non-clinical volunteering at a food warehouse / 250 hours at a Compassionate Care Central New York (a day program for veterans and the underserved population suffering from traumatic brain injuries)
-2 leadership positions in a sorority
-250 hours as a teaching assistant for chemistry, research, and biology / 200 hours as a tutor for physics
-100 hours working an on campus job
-Phi Beta Kappa honor society

Please let me know thoughts on what to add/remove! This is my list as of right now, but I’m not sure if there are any schools I should take off and if I am missing some schools I might have a higher chance at:

Albany Medical College
Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Boston University
Case Western Reserve University
Chicago Medical School at Rosalind Franklin University
Columbia University
Hofstra University
Quinnipiac University
George Washington University
Icahn Mount Sinai
New York Medical College
Penn State
Stony Brook University
University of Vermont
Sidney Kimmel Medical College
SUNY Upstate
SUNY Downstate
Tufts University
University of Cincinnati
University of Colorado
University of Michigan
University of Pittsburgh
University of Rochester
Virginia Commonwealth University
Wake Forest
Weill Cornell Medicine
Western Michigan University

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Be picky. Reach out to student affinity groups like AMSA or AMWA. Narrow the list down based on your confidence in the medical school's resilience standing up to state politics that passes policies that will hampen your training.
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Everything looks solid. You shouldn’t hold back from applying to more reach schools!
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