WAMC/School List (North East 3.85/518)

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May 15, 2024
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Hello! I'm hoping someone could check over my school list and see if I have any obvious red flag schools. I'm hoping to keep my list around 15-20. I know Harvard is a reach for me, but I'm wondering if I'm super delusional bc I know my research isn't that high and then I'm also wondering if any of my schools are super service heavy. Thank you so much!!

Demographic: Female, ORM, Ties to Mass, NH, and WV, went to a state school
cGPA: 3.85
sGPA: 3.70
MCAT: 518 (128/130/129/131)
Research: 400
Clinical: 3,000+ (more projected in gap year)
Volunteering: 190 (+120 projected)
Shadowing: 32
Work in the field of my major: 600
Leadership: 340
Honors: 2 Monetary Research Awards, one poster (one of the awards was for the poster), Deans list all semesters

West Virginia
Penn State
Uni of Vermont
Eastern Virginia
Dartmouth Geisel
UMass Chan
NY Medical College
Boston Uni
Uni of Rochester
Zucker at Hofstra
Uni of Virginia

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Where is your state of residence ? What does your 190 hours of volunteering involve ?
I don't have a state medical school or any that do reciprocity like WWAMI, but aside from that I'd rather leave it vague.

The 190 was mostly at the front desk of a homeless shelter. I would answer calls from people seeking shelter and do an initial interview with them and also had a lot of interaction with the shelter residents helping to distribute supplies and I would check people in and out. A small portion of the 190, and my continuing volunteer hours are from doing 1 on 1s talking with hospice patients at a nursing home.
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With no state medical school you should apply more broadly. You could add any of these schools:
Mount Sinai
George Washington
Virginia Commonwealth
Wake Forest
USF Morsani
St. Louis
Rosalind Franklin
Medical College Wisconsin
Western Michigan
Oakland Beaumont
You can only claim one state of residency, so I think applying to your "close tie" programs is a waste of your money. Do you know what the health issues are in West Virginia vs. New Hampshire? Maybe you have a ton of experience working in rural communities, so don't be afraid to show your cards there. It will make a difference if rural health disparities are a huge motivator because it will shape your list. Also, it explains some of the schools on your list (Penn State, Vermont, Chan Mass, and even Virginia), and I'm not sure why not more (Kentucky, Louisville, Colorado, Quillen ETSU, VT Carillion, MCW, Creighton, Wake Forest)? (Others can differ due to stats or other mission fit issues, though I don't see any mission or purpose given the scarcity of detail.)

Have you visited any of the schools on the list you created? Have you talked with students who attend/ed those programs?