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Jan 29, 2024
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I have a pretty good list going right now but definitely need to narrow it down and am looking for help with that. Also would like some input on how I can improve my application during this upcoming year in case I don’t get in. Thanks in advance!

  1. cGPA 3.92, haven’t calculated sGPA yet
  2. MCAT 515 (128/128/129/130)
  3. MN resident with Indigenous tribe located in Wisconsin
  4. Indigenous/White male
  5. Undergraduate: small private liberal arts college. Biology major chemistry minor.
  6. Clinical experience:
    • ED Medical Scribe - 2,000 hours
    • ED Tech (EMT) in lvl 1 trauma hospital - 600 hours
  7. Research:
    • Developmental biology research on a novel developmental gene using gene product perturbations with one poster presentation - 400 hours
    • Environmental science research on sustainable/non-chemical solutions to invasive buckthorn in the Midwest - 50 hours
    • Educational curriculum research using R and Excel to analyze student responses to surveys about introductory physics’ course curriculum - 50 hours
    • Statistical research using R on healthcare inequities in addiction and subsequent treatment - 150 hours
  8. Shadowing
    • ENT/cardiology/dermatology/ortho/FM/EM/IM/ophthalmology/urology/colorectal surgery - 100 hours
  9. Volunteering:
    • Conservation volunteering; a nonprofit in Minnesota that works to educate St. Paul public school students, as well as special programs for indigenous youth and youth with disabilities, about native species in Minnesota, history (including indigenous history) of the land, sustainability, and the importance of taking care of our land - 50 hours
    • Rehabilitation Institute; a nonprofit that helps make athletics more accessible to those living with disabilities. I did work helping those living with disabilities learn to snowboard and ski - super impactful for me. - 50 hours
    • Children’s hospital; maintain a large play space for children and interact with the kids there! - 50 hours
    • Summer camp counselor leading a cabin of middle school dudes - 150 hours
    • Soccer coach/mentor for kids from ages 3-18! - 100 hours
    • Volunteering for various things in the Pre-Med Club and Tri-Beta Biology Ntl. Honors Society - 40 hours
  10. Other work experience and extracurriculars:
    • One-on-one general chemistry/intro biology tutor - 150 hours
    • Group tutor session tutor for general chemistry/intro biology/biochemistry - 150 hours
    • General chemistry I lab TA - 160 hours
    • Biochemistry II lecture TA - 100 hours
    • One-on-one tutor for indigenous students in middle school and high school (moreso students with difficult family lives who I just hung out with and did fun things with like play outside/do art/help work on homework and subjects they were struggling with) - 80 hours
    • D3 soccer team 4 years
    • Study abroad rainforest ecology/indigenous studies to Ecuador - stayed with Quichua in the Amazon and learned so much from them (working on learning Spanish still)
    • Pre-Med Club President 2 years, board member for 1 year; hosted a ton of Q&As, MCAT/GRE information sessions, medical ethics sessions, suturing workshops, PA vs MD vs DO panels, etc. - 400 hours
    • Trip to Medellin, Colombia with soccer team where we played against Colombian club teams and explored the city of Medellin. Learned a lot from them! Still keep in touch with some of those players today.
    • United Cultures Club, Tri-beta Bio ntl. Honors Society, and Movie Club member
  11. Honors/Awards
    • Dean’s list all semesters
    • Indian Health Services Scholarship with the intention of working in areas with high populations of indigenous patients
    • Red Cliff band of Lake Superior Chippewa (my tribe) scholarship
    • Most Outstanding Junior in the Biological Sciences award (idk probably doesn’t mean much since I went to a small school)
    • Athletic/Academic awards
  12. LORs - two from science professors whom I took multiple classes with, TAed for, and am genuinely friends with; one from a physician I scribe for; one from my soccer coach

Not sure what specialty I want to do as there are so many interesting ones to me but would be interested in primary care and plan to serve indigenous patients in some way whether it is working with IHS, in a more rural area near my reservation, or in an urban setting with high indigenous populations

During the end of the application year I plan to volunteer in Ecuador for a few months doing research and staying with indigenous peoples in the Amazon.

List as of now - I know there are too many so any help with narrowing any that I realistically have no shot at or if there are any I’m missing would be appreciated.

  • Albert Einstein
  • Chicago Rosalind Franklin
  • Drexel
  • Quinnipiac
  • Dartmouth
  • George Washington
  • Loyola Chicago
  • Medical College of Wisconsin
  • Michigan State
  • Vermont
  • Thomas Jefferson
  • UCLA
  • UCSD
  • UCSF
  • Colorado
  • U of Minnesota (Twin Cities and Duluth)
  • Wisconsin Madison
  • Case Western
  • Rush
  • North Dakota
  • South Dakota
  • Albany
  • Mayo
  • Wake Forest
  • U of Iowa
  • U of Illinois
  • Tufts
  • Emory
  • Arizona
  • Kaiser Permanente
  • Western Michigan
  • New York Medical College
  • U of Connecticut
  • Tulane
  • Nova Southeastern
  • Geisinger Commonwealth

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I think as long as your application is well-written, you have a shot at anywhere. Maybe not some of the schools that reaaaaalllly care about a high MCAT, but you're gonna do great! Choose schools that you think you'd fit well in
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In general your list hits the right notes regionally and programs that seem to serve underserved or Indigenous communities. (I have to check Central Michigan, but they could be worth a look.) Have your IHS contacts given your feedback on the list?
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In general your list hits the right notes regionally and programs that seem to serve underserved or Indigenous communities. (I have to check Central Michigan, but they could be worth a look.) Have your IHS contacts given your feedback on the list?

Sorry, I didn’t make this very clear but I actually am not pursing an IHS scholarship for medical school - just for undergrad (need to be an indigenous student with the intention of serving indigenous populations as a physician for my undergrad scholarship) if that makes a difference. Therefore, I haven’t really been in contact with them although I’m sure I could reach out again.