Jul 3, 2020
Hey everyone, I'm a reapplicant. I applied to only the TMDSAS schools in 2018 with a 3.8 GPA and a 504/505 MCAT. In the interim, I have done a lot more shadowing and volunteering as well as enrolled in a 2 year masters program where the first year we take 3 of the 4 first year blocks with the MS1s and then the 2nd year we TA those same blocks to the incoming MS1s. So here are the juicy details:
1)Overall cGPA: 3.79
Overall sGPA: 3.77
Undergrad cGPA: 3.79
Undergrad sGPA: 3.76
Grad cGPA: 3.79
Grad sGPA: 3.78
2) MCAT Scores:
01/2018: 504 (124,127,126,127)
04/2018: 505 (126,125,126,128)
06/2020: 517 (129,127,131,130)
3) I'm a Texas resident (Howdy y'all)
4) I am white
5) I went to a state school
Other Stuff:
Approximately 500 hours of neurophysiology research & 40 hours of biochemistry research.
70 hours of EM shadowing, 20 hours of neurosurgery shadowing, and 5 hours of ENT shadowing.
Approximately 200 hours at a charity that provides food to food insecure elementary kids.
Approximately 300 leadership hours between 2 positions.
I scored in the 97th percentile on the NBME "Physiology Only" Subject Exam.
I finished in the top quartile against medical students during the Major Organ Systems block.
I talked about my journey of going from 380 pounds to 220 pounds over 2 years and everything I have learned from it.
Disadvantaged Status: I come from a medically underserved area. Growing up we received food stamps and I received free/reduced lunch at various times. I went to very small school (Approximately 10-15 people in my class) so I talk about entering college and not knowing what a cell is. I was also homeless during my senior year of high school and had to work to support myself.
LoR: 2 from medical school professors (1 used to be dean of admissions of the school and in charge of student academic affairs) and 1 from volunteering chair.
Personal Statement: Probably a solid 8+/10 got really good reviews.
School Lists:
  • Already Applied:
    • UT Rio Grande Valley
    • Texas Tech - Lubbock
    • Texas Tech - El Paso
    • Texas A&M
    • Dell
    • Long SoM (San Antonio)
    • McGovern (UT Houston)
    • UTMB
    • UT Southwestern
  • Thinking About Applying To:
    • Baylor
    • Colorado
    • Yale
    • Stanford
Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated. Let me know what you think. What schools should I add? What schools should I take away? What are my chances at interviewing/getting accepted at any of these schools? Thank you so much and pls stay safe out there.
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2+ Year Member
Nov 4, 2015
Pre-Health (Field Undecided)
Is there a reason why you’re not applying to all TX MD programs?

What about the University of Houston?
Jan 15, 2019
No. Tulane has a 90th percentile of 518.
When comparing to the medians/percentiles, should the highest mcat be used when there are multiple MCAT scores? Also since their 90th percentile gpa is 3.95, would you say GPA is less of a factor for yield protection?


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Sep 15, 2012
Attending Physician
I would not be concerned about yield protection at Tulane unless the MCAT is 520+ with a GPA over 3.9 and very good ECs.
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