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Jul 19, 2017
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  1. Pre-Medical
I graduated recently and unfortunately, my GPA has a slight downward trend. Should I retake the MCAT for a more competitive score? Or should I apply for a one-year SMP?
I am currently a Texas resident and plan on applying to all Texas schools. Is my GPA too low for MD? Any advice is appreciated!

cGPA: 3.3

sGPA: 3.1

MCAT Score: 507 (126/126/127/128)

Shadowing: 300+ hours (Emergency Medicine & OBGYN)

Research: Summer internship with a poster presentation (Molecular Genetics)

Non-clinical volunteering: 1000+ hours

Paid clinical experience: 600+ hours (medical scribe - current job)

Held multiple leadership positions simultaneously during undergrad
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