WAMC Texas Resident, 3.77

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May 28, 2024
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I am hoping to apply this cycle with a focus towards Texas schools. I'm a junior majoring in biomedical sciences/biology with a minor in medical humanities and I am currently attending a Texas university. My biggest issue is I don't have as much clinical hours as I think I should. That's because I turned eighteen my junior year and before that it was pretty hard to find anything. I tried to compensate with volunteering and other extracurriculars but I only just recently was able to find a clinical volunteering position.

1. cGPA and sGPA as calculated by AMCAS or AACOMAS
My cGPA is a 3.77 and my sGPA is a 3.7
(TMDSAS GPA is a 3.84 and BCPM GPA is a 3.74)
Upward trend, got a 3.5 my freshman year because of a c in chem 1. My last 2 semesters I've finished with a 4.0
2. MCAT score(s) and breakdown. Include all (non-voided) attempts.
Taking it June 1st but my average on my full length exams is a 518 with my last attempt being a 520 (130/132/128/130)

3. State of residence or country of citizenship (if non-US)

4. Ethnicity and/or race
White, north african

5. Undergraduate institution or category
public state university

6. Clinical experience (volunteer and non-volunteer)
100 hrs volunteer medical assistant over the summer
100 hrs performing follow up calls for patients and consenting them for research. Not sure if this is clinical but I talked about their symptoms, wrote down their medications, health conditions, etc...

I was also a caregiver for an elderly relative over the summer last year in my home country and I gave them medications, took care of their needs and tracked their vitals among other things but I'm not sure I should include this since it's more informal
7. Research experience and productivity
300 hours research assistant for clinical research, abstract 2 possible future publications (still not sure)
50 hours wet lab assistant

300 hours humanities research on disability that was published in an undergraduate journal.
Future Senior Honors Thesis, continuation of disability research
(I have a chronic pain disability so these two research projects are more of a hobby, I don't plan on mentioning my condition in my application so I don't think I'll focus too much on these.)

8. Shadowing experience and specialties represented
60 hours shadowing neurologist
30 hours shadowing GI, ( Watched procedures and collected data on them)
30 hours shadowing pediatrician
15 hours shadowing PA working with homeless people

9. Non-clinical volunteering
20 hours volunteering at healthcare clinic for homeless people (100 projected hours)
200 hours volunteering with senior citizens- I started a local chapter of a nonprofit working to reduce loneliness among older adults so I also coordinate volunteering for a bunch of other students
50 hours serving as a mentor for disadvantaged students competing in a health competition

10. Other extracurricular activities (including athletics, military service, gap year activities, leadership, teaching, etc)
I'm the president of a model world health organization team so I train a group of students and we compete in conferences.
Worked as a paid tutor for elementary schoolers 2 years ( 400 hrs)
I tutor refugee students on the SAT through my mosque but thats pretty informal (100 hrs)
Part of a community health organization, I got a CHW certification through this org and I'm planning to volunteer as a CHW my senior year
President of volunteer org mentioned above (2 years)

11. Relevant honors or awards
No awards, just dean's list

I've got a biology faculty letter, a letter from a doctor I shadowed, a letter from the doctor I do clinical research with and a letter from my thesis advisor (medical humanities professor)

One of my parents is a doctor who graduated from my home country but I'm the first person in my family to attend college in the US so it's been a big learning curve. I would really like to apply this cycle but I'm pretty worried about my chances considering I don't have too much clinical hours. Should I take a gap year and get a clinical job or do I have a chance this cycle?

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