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WAMC?? Texas Resident


New Member
Apr 14, 2020
  1. Pre-Health (Field Undecided)

I'm an asian american female in Texas that was planning on applying broadly to MD/DO schools in this cycle.

521 MCAT

as of now I have a 3.5 cgpa and 3.48 sgpa with a very strong upward trend (freshman/first semester sophomore year in the 1/2s, got to a 3.1, then 3.6, then 3.89 then 4.0's from there on out with over 20 hours a semester until I graduate)

I'm not sure if I should wait till next cycle where my gpa may cross 3.6 so that I might have a better chance. Also not sure if I should just apply to an SMP.

for a little more context I majoring in Biology and have a minor in social work

I'm involved in:
  • clinical peds neuro research with well over 400 hours, three publications, and committee positions
    • involved in a study for COVID partnered with mayo clinic rn
  • biochem drug discovery research program through my school for about 200 hours
  • volunteering with sexual assault victims with over 200 hours
  • volunteering with the boys and girls club in my city ~75 hours
  • service learning positions for a breast cancer awareness npo (~50 hours) and an npo made to help previously incarcerated individuals (~50 hours)
  • volunteering in special needs classrooms ~100 hours
  • shadowing over 100 hours
    • pulm, peds, oncology, and obgyn
  • medical scribe for a year in the past (orthopedics)
  • leadership position (as a student employee) for a STEM innovation program for the past two years
    • part of the diversity and inclusion board for this department of my school
    • undergraduate TA for the health practicum courses
Any input on extracurricular areas that I need to round out is much appreciated!!

Additionally, I'm not sure if my clinical research is enough 'clinically relevant exposure', so I'm trying to get a job that is clinical. Is it bad that I don't have any hospital volunteering? Would it be better to volunteer rather than get a job that is clinical?
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