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Jul 4, 2017
My stats are a little different than other applicants I have searched through.

I am an URM and Texas resident.
My highschool had a dual credit program that allowed me to graduate with an associates degree, I then went to UG program and did not make the transition super well, ended up with 3.2 sGPA with upward trend.
Due to high # of courses taken from both programs that were unneeded(thank you terrible HS counselors and Baptist university pre-requisites), raising undergraduate GPA with post bac courses was more trouble than it would have been worth.

Went into graduate school and got MS in biology with gGPA of 3.9. Worked in neuropsychology lab for 2 years with a co-publication that was presented at a national conference.

Work history includes years of being an ER scribe (2) and pharmacy technician(4) w/ 50 hours of outside physician shadowing.

I have LoRs from a Professor who is lead researcher at lab I was working at, Supervisor at pharmacy job, a MD that is on faculty at UTMB, and DO that is regional director of local ERs.

Volunteer work includes 50 hours at hospital, mostly desk work, and 100 hours as child care aide at a woman's shelter.

MCAT score was a stellar 502.

I know with my s/cGPA and mcat score, DO is the best chance I have. Definitely do not want to end up as a reapplicant and have to deal with that as well.
I just received word today that I am able to submit my application (prior legal issue that would not have helped my chances in the slightest) and am wanting to get opinions of what apps should be sent out (Texas, MD, DO are all complete but not submitted)and a decent school list that I could be competitive in this late in the application cycle. I would like to not waste my first chance at applying if I stand no chance. Thanks!
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Sep 15, 2012
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  1. Attending Physician
You are competitive for many DO schools so I suggest all these:









VCOM (all 3 schools)



Idaho (new school)



You may be able to receive interviews at some of your Texas MD schools.
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