Wanna be pre-med but how to fix 2.something GPA?

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So I'm in quite a pickle. As of now I just finished my second year of college and have a 2.1 science GPA. At first I was a physics major but was doing horribly in my classes and now I'm a philosophy major. I tried taking Gen Chem and Gen Bio this past year but withdrew from those classes due to medical issues (concussion+seizure that affected my focus/concentration). Now I'm wondering whether it would be a good idea to
1) take a break from my science classes and just do a career-changer post-bac program or
2) just make sure I ace all of my science classes and do an SMP once my GPA is high enough

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May 22, 2013
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In quite a pickle, indeed. If you really feel strongly about this, you will have to move mountains to get your GPA to an acceptable level, and then do an SMP or post-bacc at a medical school to show them that you can succeed in MS1-like courses. At my school, we actually do put SMP students into the first basic sciences MS1 course we offer.

You're halfway through your degree by conventional standards, but you're at a worse position than an incoming freshman with a blank slate. You have to realize that, acknowledge it, and then work from there. Consistently ask yourself why someone should choose you over someone that didn't go through what you did.


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Jun 16, 2014
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There are things to think through...
1. You can do grade replacement and apply to DO schools - they let you retake classes and take the better score. - Might be the best option at some point down the line if you really want to stick with it.
2. You can do really well on the MCAT and science classes and get into an SMP. - This also assumes you suddenly get good at science classes and do well on a big, long science test.
3. You dont seem to be doing very well at science classes with a 2.1 sGPA. I think this may be the weeding out. If you can't handle undergrad science, why would you handle medical school science? And is there something that makes you feel like you can turn around and ace all your science classes now to get a chance at medical school? Do you even like science courses? Were you doing well in Chem or Bio before the withdraws?

We all want to be supportive and cheerleaders, especially with underdogs like yourself, but you really dont want to go through what will be years of effort (and costs) to get yourself into medical school and end up not being able to handle it and flunk/drop out (or multiple application cycles and not get in ever). There are other medical related fields and non-science careers. I would highly recommend you take the time to sit down and look at this summer and make the best, most informed decision about your future.
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Jul 8, 2014
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1. Have a back-up plan. Why are you majoring in philosophy? Is there something you could see yourself doing with that major if you don't end up going to med school?

2. Don't take more science classes until you're confident you'll do well in them. This may mean doing a post-bac. Idk how many science credits you have, but if it's not a ton you may be able to bring up your AMCAS sGPA sufficiently. If you already have a lot of science credits, plan to use the DO grade replacement policy.