Wayne vs. Creighton Phoenix vs. Miami (waitlist)

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Dec 9, 2019
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Creighton SOM (Phoenix branch)
  • Students seem very happy with the faculty and administration and the environment seems very collaborative and supportive.
  • Phoenix branch might give me an edge for matching West Coast.
  • Warm, similar vibes to Southern California in terms of lifestyle (many outdoor hiking and road trip opportunities)

  • First M1 class at Phoenix so there might be less established engagement opportunities.
  • No M2 class at Phoenix so less opportunity to network and get guidance.
  • Lower ranked and less established than Wayne State in general.
  • Match to few competitive specialities (no plastics this year and only 1 derm) - seems like the focus is on primary care residencies.
  • Not as much familiar with Phoenix as a city.
  • No home-program for competitive residencies like plastics and derm

Wayne State SOM
  • Very established and well-known in the state of Michigan and midwest
  • Many years of collaborations with rotation sites and many opportunities for gaining clinical research experience
  • Close to family - will allow me to have a strong support system
  • More established engagement programs, student orgs, wellness programs etc.
  • Strong match list (Although a large % of students match to Michigan residencies and not as much to West Coast)
  • Population served is very diverse (Hispanic, Middle Eastern, etc)

  • Student/administration relationship has been a bit rocky as I’ve heard
  • Rocky relationship with one of the rotation sites (DMC) but still has other sites to fall back on.
  • Very cold and definitely not used to this whether
  • Large class size (might be more difficult to build relationships with faculty)

University of Miami Miller (Waitlist)
  • Higher ranking than both other schools (T50)
  • Well-known derm department and research programs (a specialty I’m considering)
  • Miami itself as a city is warm, I’m more used to this climate
  • Students seems to be younger demographic than the two other schools
  • Heavily involved with surrounding communities and the new nextgen curriculum active learning
  • MD/MBA program (a program getting developed that I’m considering)
  • True P/F for preclinicals, the other two schools are P/F/H
  • Seems like people don’t like living in Miami and people are not as welcoming?
  • I don’t know Spanish (want to enroll in the Spanish program in Miami) and afraid it’s going to be a obstacle in my clinical years
  • Not as diverse of a patient population compared to Detroit and Wayne
  • Not sure if the admin is responsive. The admissions office doesn’t seem like it.
I’m not highly familiar with UMiami because I was focused on my acceptances and their Second Look Days but I think I will have a higher chance of matching into competitive specialties attending Miami. Now I’m wondering if I should send a letter of intent and commit to going there 100%?

Financially it would be highest for Creighton and Miami and Wayne are comparable..

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