Welcome to Finance and Investing: Do's and Don'ts of this forum

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May 7, 2006
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Based on interest, the powers that be opened this forum to help bring an outlet for financial information to student, residents, and professionals alike.

Financial aid and refinancing of student loans can be found in the financial aid forum which is right above this forum on the main forum menu.

Some tips for this forum:


• Feel free to post questions you might have about investing, banking, mortgages, or anything else financial related


• SDN bans all users that post in this forum to advertise a product, service, website, etc. There is no point in registering to post ads in this forum; they will be erased. If you want to advertise your products, go to the Free Classifieds section of the forums.

• Posting advice with recommendations to use your web site is considered advertising. Operation of the SDN Forums is expensive; please have the courtesy to support SDN by paying for your advertising. If you wish to advertise, go to: Google AdWords Google AdWords advertising is inexpensive and effective.

• Do not leave names of referring bankers, brokers, etc in your post. WARNING: If you are a regular poster the names will be removed, if you are only posting to advertise you will be banned. If you are interested in the information of a person who comes highly recommended from a post, feel free to PM the original poster to get the information. Those of you who would be willing to share information on resources via PM, feel free to state so in your post.