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1. Be courteous. It goes a long way. :)

2. Use the search functions. The SDN Forums have been here since 1999. Chances are, someone has already asked the same question you may have.

3. Don't advertise. SDN relies on sponsorships to operate. To promote your product or service, see our sponsorship link.

4. Don't Spam the forums. Just post once. Posting a question or comment in multiple forums is annoying to other guests.

5. Use the "Report Bad Post" button to report inappropriate posts. It's located at the bottom left of every post on the site. It immediately alerts the moderators.

6. Respect copyrighted information. Although it's tempting to share copyrighted files, it's illegal and it might get you in legal and academic trouble. Also, posting copyrighted information from other Web sites hurts those sites ability to generate revenue. It's better to post a link to desired information.

7. Harassment and flame wars burn everyone. Again, be courteous. Just ignore those guests who can't discuss topics professionally.

8. Use common sense when posting images. No pornography or hateful images.

9. Trolls suck. If you encounter a guest who is clearly trolling, report their post. Trolls are banned on sight.

10. Be sure to have fun! The educational process can be frustrating sometimes. We're all in it together and we're here to help each other.

Enjoy the Clinicians Forum! :)

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