Well it happened!! Yeah!! Now what? UNECOM or NYCOM?

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Oct 23, 1999
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Hip Hip Hooray!!!

Well, I've gotten accepted to both UNECOM and NYCOM. Any suggestions at all on which I should choose would be greatly appreciated.

I loved UNECOM for the student body, low key environment, apparently (although I don't know for sure!) cheap living costs, and availability of places that take pets!!! In New York, it seems I would be paying ~1000+ for a place while at UNECOM I could find a place easily for much cheaper that would accept my beloved Q (dog), Hilo, Haleakala, Viola (all cats) and Pocohantas (hamster hehe)

However, NY has some awesome affiliates and they are all in the area. I was interested to learn that UNECOM rotates through Barnabas as well though....

I really need some advice on this one. Please give as much information about both programs as possible if your a student at either one. Questions I have are:

Are you happy?
Do you feel the faculty/student body is supportive?
Do you feel overwhelmed by exams?
How are exams given? (block or weekly)
How many students to each cadaver?
Cost of living?
Are the areas safe?

Thanks for anyone's response.. I appreciate it


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Congrats Poet!
Congratulations on your acceptances. This is a bad time of year to be asking people what they think of school. We're just finishing up Anatomy. Pathology and Neuro just started and Med. Pharm is starting soon. Most people are feeling a bit swamped. (NYCOM). Our school is not easy, by any stretch of the imagination, but, I'm glad I'm hear. Most of the faculty is pretty supportive and will give help if you seek it.

Good luck with all.
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I'm at UNE and I agree with your observations of the school. In reading your above post the only positive thing you mention about NYCOM is that they have "awesome affiliates". Are you leaning toward one school or the other? UNE is a great learning environment; as a first year I don't have first hand knowledge of the clinical years, but I hear good things from upperclassmen. I think your best bet would be to inquire from the office of admissions about clinical sites here. Make a comparison list of pros and cons for each school. Most importantly once you make your decision, never look back! Good luck to you and congratulations in making it this far!

Hiya Renee!

Im leaning toward UNE
Great! Let me know if there is anything I can do for you.