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Aug 18, 2002
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I've been reading this forum and looks like quite a few of you were wait-listed as I was. I came within four spots of admission when they took half as many off the list as compared to previous years. Based on the previous years, I was fully expecting to get in. now I don't have any plans on what to do. Any other wait-listers that didn't get in? What are you going to do now? Masters programs? Re-take the MCAT?


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Jul 22, 2002
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I'd talk to the director of admissions at the school that wait listed you to see what he/she says. Perhaps with a year to do something (research? work at a hospital? take a few classes?) you'll be a shoe-in for the next cycle.

Two years ago I was put on "hold" by my state school and then finally rejected without making it to the wait list. I decided to do an MPH.


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Jun 3, 2002
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I was waitlisted at one school this year, 1st day of class came and went, no phone call, and subsequently, I got a rejection letter. As of now, I've gotten the crying over with (it's tough) and have moved onto plan B. :confused:

Definitely gonna reapply!! No doubt. Just not now. I'm gonna find some cliinically-related research work at the local hospitals, since I've never really done that before.

I've always wanted to take an EMT course. That too.

And, hey, I need to drive again (yes, I have a license, but don't drive...somewhat lost practice)

I was considering some grad school, but timewise...I don't think it's gonna work out...but hey, that's a good idea too....

It's pretty tough for me not having a health-professions advisor around the corner like I used to, but as Roosevelt said (I think...)

"Do what you can, with whatever you have wherever you are."

Works for me...for us, we don't have much of a choice. But WE WILL GET THERE! :clap:

I hope more people post on this thread, cause the feedback is good. :)
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Apr 3, 2002
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I was waitlisted at three schools. Two are over and one will be over next week.

I can do nothing else with much interest like medicine. Cannot even concentrate on masters. I applied to caribbean schools already. hopefully I will be there next fall.
I donot care what people have to say about my decision. Its my passion.


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Jan 9, 2002
New York
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I was also on three waitlists, two have passed and I have recieved their "official" letters.

Now I have one more waitlist that is over this week. I don't know, it's all happening so fast. I would definitely reapply after taking the next MCAT.
Meanwhile I am thinking of taking the GRE for a grad program or so.....I really don't want to seat for another exam but I have to.

We'll see what happens.


I was/am waitlisted, but I'm being realistic and have accepted the fact that it'll probably be a no-go for this year. I have already reapplied, and have sent off most of my secondaries. Actually, I pretty much thought that I wasn't going to get in this year because I applied soooo late. I wasn't even done with ochem till january. I was hoping that by being waitlisted I'd be a shoein for next year (a waitlist at this particular school constitutes a full acceptance approved by the dean) but I'm a little worried as I haven't gotten a secondary from them yet.:( As for making my application stronger for this cycle, I really haven't, I'm just hoping that applying earlier will do the trick. Well, we'll see.
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