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Apr 10, 2011
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Hello, new member here.

So I'm in my second year at McMaster University and shooting for dental. Now I've looked around, but some questions still remain...

1) How do I convert McMaster's letter grade to Western's numerical grade? I've visited the OMSAS website, but Western lists their grades as a range... So a B+ at McMaster would be 77-79%. How do I calculate my GPA going in then?

2) Admissions are based on two of the best years only? So any other years are dropped out of the equation?

3) How does Western treat completed courses? These courses are full out courses, but at the end it's basically a pass/fail system. Does that mean my GPA for the year is divided by 9 courses instead? I wonder if I'll get penalized for this...

4) A recent change was made to Western Ontario's Dentistry application:

Schulich Dentistry’s entrance requirements are changing as of the application cycle in which the Class of 2016 (entering in September 2012) is selected. The new requirements mandate that applicants must have completed a minimum of three years of their university program. For admission, applicants will need to have successfully completed a 4-year undergraduate degree.

Does this mean I can apply after my third year, and receive a conditional offer until I've finished my undergraduate degree?

Great thanks to anyone who can help!

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