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    I feel somewhat misled. When i went to the interview, COMP was saying great things about their affiliates and the different "Pods" that they have.

    I have realized that most of the students do their rotations at one hospital (Arrowhead Regional Medical Center). When i checked out the website, I see they do have other sporatic affiliates here and there,but nothing like what they said on interview day. Many of the affiliates the man named on interview day are not on the current list. I liked COMP, and will go there in the fall. I chose COMP over other DO schools, but I now feel sorta misled. Does anyone else have any opinions on this??

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    The first two years at COMP are great. The second two years aren't. Arrowhead is nice but it is in San Bernadino. Go check out Pacific. I've met very successful graduates of COMP. Surgeons, Graduates of UCSF and UC Davis residency programs. The common theme is that they spent all their time doing "away" rotations. Apparently, COMP has cut down on theat significantly. After all, they do need bodies at their clinical affiliates. Since you are going to COMP, take every opportunity you can to do rotations away from school. I rotated through Pacific and Downey. To say I wan't impressed is a big understatement. If any COMP students want to correct me, please do so. Believe me when I say that I want to see all DOs succeed in California. It's good for our profession. Unfortunately, I have met many unhappy COMP students who were less than impressed with the clinical opportunities they were given.


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