WesternU/COMP: my first choice, pls. help!

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Apr 15, 2002
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Hi All!

I have just been back from Pomona for a Western U campus visit(being traveled from Michigan, that is). The people I talked to are very nice and helpful, including Tamara from Admissions. Unfortunately, I did not see any students on campus. The only students I found are in class (I think it is the intensive summer anatomy program). I absolutely love the school and the opportunities that the area offers. For those who have been accepted and current Western students, I would like to know more in the following areas:

(1) how is your OMM class like? Do you receive instructions from the TVs inside the OMM lab? Do you feel that the OMM classes are of high quality?

(2) I am a respiratory therapist, 32 y.o. Do you know if Western likes non-traditional student? What is the format of the interview? Do you still remember the names of individuals that interviewed you?

(3) What do you think is the best class in Western? Why?

(4) Is Pomona a safe town? I saw a lot of security guards at the school. (they are really helpful and nice too!)

(5) **Are we free to choose where we want to go for rotation? What % of the class do rotations at the clinic two blocks down and what % go to regional hospital like Riverside, Arrowhead, etc....?

(6) What are the laptops use for? I saw the data ports in the library. For current students, do you think such arrangement helpful?

(7) What is your favorite professor?

(8) Has anyone been to the Osteopathic Awareness Conference? It is rather expensive for me to travel from Michigan for the conference in August. However, if anyone thinks that attending the conference is very very valuable and may boost my chance of acceptance, I am very willing to do it. If I go there, who do you think is a good person whom I can seek out and talk to. Do we get to talk to faculty members in the conference?

(9) It is very depressing to find out Western only accepted 2 students from Michigan last year. What should I do to boost my chance? My family is relocating to CA next year, but I do not have any address yet.......

Anything interesting and useful about Western is helpful. I really love the school and it is my first choice.

I am grateful for the help you guys are going to give me.