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What’s the Best Way to Prep for Your Residency Interview

Discussion in 'Accepted.com' started by LindaAccepted, Nov 8, 2018 at 2:03 AM.

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    Feb 13, 2013
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    PRACTICE, PRACTICE, and then some more PRACTICE!

    According to Dr. Sheryl Neuman, Accepted’s expert in residency and fellowship admissions, one of the most common residency interview question asked will be: “Why did you want to become a doctor?” Practice your answer to this question ahead of time so you can create a coherent answer and avoid rambling. Your answer should be long enough to be conversational, but not so long that you lose your listener with too much detail.

    Top Residency Interview Resources
    Accepted offers three residency interview services that will provide top-of-the-line prep assistance:

    1. Mock Residency/Fellowship Interview Package – New Clients
    2. Mock Residency/Fellowship Interview Package – Existing Clients
    3. Residency/Fellowship Interview Coaching
    Who is Sheryl Neuman?
    Dr. Neuman holds a BS, MD, and MPH from UCLA. She did her residency at Cedars Sinai Medical Center where she stayed for a fellowship in General Internal Medicine/Preventive Medicine (joint program with UCLA). She then went on to become the director of the Employee Health Service at Cedars, and then the director of the joint Medicine-Pediatric Residency program, also at Cedars.

    Yes – this is someone who knows her stuff and who is available to help you land your top-choice match!

    You Don’t Need to Take OUR Word for It…
    A recent client who prepped for her interview with Dr. Neuman recently emailed her the following:

    “I just wanted you to know that I appreciated all of your help during the mock interview. So many of your questions came up and I was prepared for them! Thank you again and I look forward to updating you about future interviews.”

    Do you want to ace your residency interviews? Take advantage of experienced, professional interview prep before your residency interview. Make your mistakes with us, and then shine on the big day.

    Related Resources:

    This article was originally posted on blog.accepted.com.
    Applying to medical school? The talented folks at Accepted have helped hundreds of applicants like you get accepted to their dream programs. Whether you are figuring out where apply, working on your AMCAS application, working on secondary essays, or prepping for your interviews, we are just a call (or click) away. Contact us, and get matched up with the consultant who will help you get accepted!
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