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Aug 11, 2009
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Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

cGPA - 3.2
sGPA - 3.3

freshman - 1.8
sophomore - 2.6
junior - 3.2
senior - 3.6
post-bacc - 3.7
graduate - 4.0

MCAT - 10/10/10Q

Strong points:
-strong upward trend
-MSc. degree (unrelated field)
-research published in academic journal (one paper, first author)
-2 years as a TA
-150+ volunteer hours at ER clinic
-100+ volunteer hours as Team Leader at large hospital
-great LORs
-"A" in post-bacc Physics, English and Behavioural
-mature student - 27 years old
-took a few courses in a post-bacc, pre-medical science program at a Naturopathic School - received A in all courses, but this institution has no regional accreditation, so these aren't included in my GPA calculation (naturopathy is definitely not for me)

Weak points:
-poor grades freshman and sophmore - includes 1st years Bio (C+) and Gen Chem 1 (D) and Gen Chem 2 (F but retaken to a B in sophomore year)
-a "B" in post-bacc Orgo (exam was unreasonably hard i.m.o.)

My hope is to demonstrate that I've come a long way since freshman and junior years, both in in terms of academic aptitude and maturity.

Should I consider retaking Gen Chem 1? It would provide a 0.05 and 0.07 increase to cGPA and sGPA, respectively.

Thanks again!


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Apr 28, 2010
I think you have a great chance at a DO school.
If he was American, he would have a shot, but a Canadian with below average stats will have a really hard time getting admissions.

OP - Attempt DO, but if it fails, go Caribbean.


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Sep 4, 2006
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Should I consider retaking Gen Chem 1? It would provide a 0.05 and 0.07 increase to cGPA and sGPA, respectively.
As a generalization, a C+ or better is desirable in the prerequisites, (so as a knee-jerk reflex, I'd say yes to your question) however individual DO schools vary. The DO MSAR-equivalent is here:

If the informtion you need for your target schools isn't there, then call schools individually and ask what they prefer.
Nov 24, 2009
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Honestly, I think your biggest challenge is that you're Canadian. Do you have permanent residence status in the US? If not, your chances are not good, regardless of your grades.