May 16, 2017
1. cGPA: 3.71, sGPA: 4.0

2. MCAT: 501 (125/124/124/128)

3. State of residence: NJ, US Citizen

4. Ethnicity: Asian

5. Undergrad institution: Community college, 4 year university, Nursing major.

6. Clinical ECs:
100 hours, Hospital volunteer
50 hours, First aid squad

7. Research:

8. Shadowing:
- 92 hours between different specialities

9. Non-Clinical ECs:
250 hours, personal tutoring.
50 hours, community service for a volunteer program
400 hours, developed two programs one which fed underserved children and another tutoring fellow students in my post bac program.
1250 hours, developed a program to help a certain demographic in my community and surrounding areas.

10. Other
4,000 hours of work during undergraduate school.
Did an accelerated 1 year post bac program.

Any advice appreciated. Thank you.


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Sep 15, 2012
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  1. Attending Physician
When are you planning to apply? You are competitive for many DO schools and you could apply to DO schools in the next month. For MD schools your only realistic chances are your 3 NJ state schools with your current MCAT.
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