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Sep 29, 2003
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Hello everyone, I will be finishing my graduate degree next year and I am thinking about applying to medical school (Osteopathic). When I was an undergrad a friend of mine told me about a general rubric one could use to estimate one's chances of acceptance. It was a formula that combined cum gpa, science gpa, MCAT, etc. I realize this is just a general guide but I was wondering if anyone heard of it.

Obviously a good MCAT score can compensate for a low GPA. I have a 3.2 cum/science gpa, tons of EC's, jobs, etc. I have A's in several science classes, but I am worried about a D I recieved in an Anthropology class. Is there a particular MCAT score you think I would need to obtain to be competitive to compensate for the low gpa? In other words should it be way above average or around average for most Osteo schools? Any advice from accepted students in simliar situations would be helpful. I have the summer off and I plan on focusing on just the MCAT. I doubt my grad degree will be helpful. I have good grades but it is a public policy degree and the classes are rather easy. Thanks for your help!


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Dec 22, 2005
As a ray of hope I've been accepted to LECOM-Bradenton and PCOM. I received a D in Calc I and Neuroscience my freshman year of college. At my PCOM interview they brought this up and i was very honest in explainging why i got those grades (freshman messups). I also said that I learned from them (perhaps not acedimically because I just barely passed, but learned a life lesson) and they seemed to like that, and it is true. Just be honest. DO schools look at you as a whole person, not just your grades. And my MCAT was a 23, not to high at all, but as a whole I was a strong applicant, which you appear to be as well.

Good luck!!


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Jan 4, 2006
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I had a 2.8 freshman year but have stayed above a 3.45 ever since, so my overall GPA ends up around where you are at... I scored a 28 on the MCAT and was quickly interviewed and accepted at the two schools where i applied... MSU and NSU. YOu will be fine
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