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Dec 27, 2008
1. Background: 20 year old Undergraduate at Manhattan College, BA Biology. NY State Resident

2. Overall GPA: 3.45

3. Science GPA: 3.38
(Started College with a 3.73 and then got a 2.7 GPA my second semester sophmore year because of family issues and got a 3.8 gpa my two semesters after on mostly high level science classes) 3.73, 3.33, 3.37, 2.71, 3.81, 3.81 - I dont know if this qualifies for an upward trend.

3. MCAT: 32p

4. EC's: 140 hours in ED of city hospital, Neurosurgery research at NY medical College for 2 years, PhiDe Medcial Fraternity, Sunday School Volunteer teacher for 4 years, Publicist and Chief Editor of Church Youth Organization of America for 4 years, 1 week medical service in Brazil

5. My AIM schools: New York Medical College (Brother is a NY Medical College alumni), Stony Brook University and SUNY Downstate

So, what are my chances of getting into one of my "AIM" schools or any medical school for that matter. Any feedback is much appreciated. Thank you.
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