Jun 17, 2016
Hey guys,

I'd really appreciate some feedback on my chances and what types of schools I should be applying to. I am a 3rd year Canadian student at York University, Toronto, studying Kinesiology and Health Science.

Currently my GPA is roughly a 3.4 and I will be doing my MCAT next summer.
I've been volunteering at hospitals and clinics for roughly 2 years, shadowed a D.O physician and a few M.D physician, President at a Club, Founder of another club associated with my local hospital, and much more.

I understand that there are many schools that don't accept international students, and MSU recently reserves 25-30 spots for canadian students. But then I also heard that a Canadians profile should be much higher than "average" in order to gain an acceptance.

Would I have a shot at a few D.O schools with a cumulative gpa of a 3.4 with a potential MCAT score in the high 20's? If not what areas do I need to improve ?

I was also considering to do a SPM or a post bacs, but that would have to be in the states.

My alternative career would be physiotherapy, but in Canada the stats you need to get into a physiotherapy school, will get you into an American med school lol.

Any idea what my chances are and what type of schools I should be applying to?
Money isn't a real big issue, I just want to play this game all right.

Thanks in advance !!


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Jun 27, 2015
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Apply broadly to both MD and DO schools. I'm sure with 3.4 GPA and 507+ MCAT (it's roughly 29 on old scale) you will get at least several interviews and I think at least 1 acceptance. The trick is to apply early - that I cant stress enough. Also, if you are set on medicine, don't try to substitute it with other things, because you won't be happy eventually. So my advise is to go all in toward your goal. Do not let plan B (physiotherapy) trick you into thinking that you can slack on medicine since you have a backup plan. Chances are with that mindset you'll end up with plan B. So put all your energy and strength into plan A (medicine in your case).
I was in same shoes as you just 2 years ago, I had 3.6 GPA and 507 MCAT, but my mistake was that I applied too late due to my late MCAT, so I had to apply only to DO schools (MD schools application process was already done at that point, I was late by 3-4 months roughly and I didn't want to wait another year, so I went with DO schools that still had application process open at that point) and I applied broadly. To my knowledge there are around 15 schools at least who accepts Canadian (as you know we are considered international students to majority of US schools, save for few exceptions). So my case was complete only at January (which was already kinda late even for DO schools, but still formally within deadlines for many DO schools). I still got 3 interviews, from which I got 2 acceptances.
Moral of story is apply early and you will have no problems getting in, considering your case will have no red flags, you will have all requirements done and will pass interview without major issues. The only thing here is MCAT scores that you mentioned - try to aim at 510+ MCAT if possible (I know it's easy for me to say eh?) - that will give you some buffer and possibly lend you more interviews and thus better chance to get accepted.
Also, if you choose US schools - keep in mind that most probably you may end up in a place far away from your home, so be open minded to all possibilities. What I mean here is do not focus on specific schools that you like, as it may turn out they wont' accept you, so just be open to any school (I'm just hinting about MSU that you mentioned). Hope this helps

P.S. Also, money will be an issue (unless you are Trump's son). Some schools will cost you $320K+ in USD (which is $420K+ in CAD dollars). Add to that APR rates and you'l end up re-paying anywhere close to $500-800K+ eventually, so it's not a bad idea to start looking into loan options, cosigners etc.
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May 10, 2013
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Moving to what are my chances.

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