What are my chances for general surgery?

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Nov 6, 2016
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I don't know if there is an official "chances" thread, so I'm posting here. I'm an MS3 and want to know what are my chances for matching into general surgery?

School: on the East Coast
Step 1: 254
Step 2: assuming its ~260
Rotations: 1 honors and 1 HP so far. Assuming the rest will be a mix of HP/H with maybe 1-2 pass
Red flag: DWI charge before 3rd year started (after Step 1)

Do I still have a chance to match into general surgery? Especially matching in specific/competitive parts of the country?
Quite an assumption. Did you also assume that you wouldnt get pulled over driving drunk?

All kidding aside, are what are my chances posts like this for serious?
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I still feel very horrible about making such a terrible mistake, and the thought that someone could have gotten hurt still haunts me (luckily there were no accidents or injuries).

I don't know how a chance post like this is perceived, but I really don't know what my outlook for residency is. I was doing great academically, but I was still wondering if a stupid decision I made is going to hold me back. I'm just posting to see that if I continue doing well academically, do I still have the chance to match? And if so, can I make it into a specific region of the country or do I absolutely have to apply broadly?
You should match. Harvard might not take you, but they might not have taken you regardless of the dwi . Without telling us the specific area, we can't tell you more. Also, research experience, other extra-curricular activities, etc, also play a role
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Good chance

Committing a crime makes it always more challenging but I dont see how it would strongly affect your application
Typically these posts are best in the Allo/Osteo forum where surgical residents and attendings can come and answer if they wish. You'll note that this is typical SDN policy that posts are best placed in the forum where they will appeal to the greatest number of users.