What are my chances for these schools??


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Jan 26, 2013
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    Hi everyone,

    GPA: 3.54 from UCI
    Major: Public Health Sciences, Anthropology
    GRE: 156 (V), 158 (Q), 4.5 (AW)

    I have no full time experience (graduating this June), but I have plenty of research and internship, and part-time work experience.

    1) 1 yr. and 9 months of experience as a research assistant for my professor in a project related to tobacco epidemiology
    2) 6 months as a research assistant working in a lab for my professor (whose expertise is in malaria transmission research).
    3) 4 months working as a reader/grader for upper-division public health writing course at UCI (this was paid)
    4) 6 months working (paid) as a research assistant for a project (concerning factors contributing to tobacco use in LA) funded by the LA County Dept of Public Health.
    5) 7 months interning at my county's health care agency (around 300 hours) (as part of their tobacco use prevention program)
    6) 3 months interning for the LA HIV/AIDS Coordinator (~200 hours), and 3 months (~120 hours) interning for the American Diabetes Association

    I'm concerned I may not have enough experience (since I'm just coming out of undergrad) but hopefully I made up for it with the internships, research and part-time work

    I'm applying to the following programs/schools (all for Epi):


    Could I get an opinion on what my chances are for these schools? It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


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    Sep 12, 2012
    Henderson, NV
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      Coming right out of undergrad shouldn't discourage you. I also graduated in June 2012, with way less experiences than you have, and I've gotten into two schools so far: BU and Drexel. Even though I don't know about the other schools on your list, I think you could get into most of them as long as they do not require an advanced degree and the rest of the application (SoP, recommendation letters, etc) is also strong.

      Good luck!
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