Medical What are my chances getting into med school if I apply back-to-back?

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Oct 14, 2011
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I applied really late last year because I became a US citizen mid-July and neither TMDSAS nor AMCAS would verify me until I updated my legal information. I spent most of September completing secondaries and ended up getting only two interviews out of 30+ schools I applied to. Needless to say, I didn't get accepted anywhere. I'm reapplying again this year but I'm worried about my chances since I'm applying as a re-applicant and I didn't retake the MCAT due to the coronavirus. I am taking it in September just in case, but nothing has really changed between this cycle compared to last cycle since my summer internship and shadowing got canceled.

MCAT: 510
cGPA/sGPA: 3.86/3.78
Research: ~400 hours
Clinical volunteering: 50+ hours
Shadowing: 50+ hours
Healthcare employment: 600+ hours
Other volunteering: 100+ hours
Race: Asian
LizzyM Score: 69.6

The biggest change is my GPA, I applied with a 3.76 last year. I'm already submitted my primary applications and have gotten my secondary applications from Texas schools (I'm a Texas resident). Transcripts are really backed up at my school due to covid so I'm not sure when that'll be sent out. I'm worried that being a re-applicant could hurt my chances but I wanted to take advantage of the canceled MCATs by submitting my application early. I've also did a lot of research into schools, choosing mostly OOS friendly schools with MCATs and GPAs in my range. I'm a bit worried that my MCAT may be too low and I might be disadvantaged for reapplying.
510 isn't out of range for a number of MD programs. It is peculiar though that you were not successful last year. Your clinical exposure hours are barely at minimum expectations.
Mar 12, 2013
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You MCAT is good. Your gpa is good. Your clinical hours and shadowing is low though. This should have been increased since your last app cycle.

Even with those hours I think you have a good shot if you apply on time this time and apply broad. Make sure to practice interviewing so you can make every interview count.

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Jun 11, 2010
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Applying early this time will be fine....yours is actually a sadly common story, even for high stat candidates.

Chances for MD will be best in TX...OOS MD schools know from historic norms that you're most likely to stay in the Lone Star state, thanks to that low TX tuition.

You're fine for OOS DO, which I recommend having on your list.
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