What are my chances of getting into a Texas Pharmacy School with a disciplinary action?

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Feb 22, 2023
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During my spring semester freshman year, a paper I wrote for a non-science class was flagged for plagiarism. I ended up I admitted to it and received a zero on the paper. I think it’s listed in my school’s internal record but it’s not listed on my transcript. I know that I should disclose this while I make my pharmcas application. I’m looking to apply to some of the pharmacy schools in Texas so I just want to know if anyone else has gone through something similar and was still able to go to pharmacy school? Any advice is appreciated thank you.

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I think that if you can sign for $200k+ in student loans then you can get in to pharmacy school.
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Be honest disclosing the details. Plagiarism is serious so be able to reflect on it and what you have done since. The more time to show you have matured, the easier.

In spite of the challenges in pharmacy admissions, faculty still take a stance when it comes to academic integrity.
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in texas, where there’s 7-8 schools?

In 2023 if u can pay for the school , ur in buddy. Also a sign not to go in pharmacy lol.
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