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Jan 4, 2013
Hello everyone,

Getting right to the point:

My Major is Biological Chemistry as of right now with a Minor in Political Science & Biology.
Classification: Junior
cGPA: 3.63
sGPA: 3.45

MCAT: I haven't taken my MCAT yet but let's just assume that I make a 30+ on it.

Pre-Req Classes Taken:

Calc I: B
Chem I: A
Chem II: A
Biol I: B
Biol II: C
Phys I: B
Phys II: A
O-Chem I: A
O-Chem II: B

I've made a good share of B's and even the dreadful C, but here are my questions.

1st: Would it be beneficial to take any of these classes again? I've heard that DO schools replace the grade and don't use the original grade in your GPA Calculations. I've also heard that MD schools average the two grades. If you guys could give me some more information regarding those two statements, I'd really appreciate it.

2nd: My school offers a 5-Year program with a BS/MS degree. It's with a BS in Biochemistry, and a MS in Biomedical Engineering. If I want to get into a better Medical School (ie. UT Southwestern), would pursuing this program be beneficial? The classes I'm taking now match with this program extremely well so it wouldn't be a huge burden to do this program.

3rd: Outside of maybe 100 Hrs. of Volunteering and 15 Hrs. of Shadowing, I don't have much else on my resume. With that being said, what can I do to really maximize my potential to get into the best Medical School possible. Again, I really like UT Southwestern.

4th: Lastly, what are my chances to get into a good Medical School, or any Medical School in Texas or maybe even out of state (preferably California or New York). I've had my eyes set on UT San Antonio, UT Southwestern, and UNT Health Science Center (DO). With a strong mindset, I believe I can raise my cGPA to 3.75-3.80 and my sGPA to 3.60-3.70.