What are my chances? Weak freshman year, 3 strong years...Any improvements?


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Nov 17, 2016
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    Hey Everyone,
    This is my first post on SDN, long time lurker. Just wanted to ask some for your opinions on my progress, "what are my chances?", and if theres anything you think I can improve..
    I was a transfer student and had a weak freshman year (bc of reasons), but my GPA has improved since...

    Heres my stats:
    Currently a 4th year Junior, Biochemistry major (and chem minor) at my new college
    GPA: 1st college GPA 3.5 (2 years)(3.0 freshman, 4.0 Sophomore)
    2nd University ( 2 semesters- 3.93) - currently around a 3.95(this semester)
    Overall around a 3.72, but my GPA from my old college doesn't carry over, so my transcript says 3.93, overall should be 3.8 by graduation.

    I also take a few masters level chemistry courses, b/c why not.

    Immunology- 2 semesters
    Organic Chemistry- Summer research fellowship+ 2 semesters, continuing (hopefully pub by end of year)

    Tutor-Orgo, Genetics, Anatomy and physiology, General Biology
    Biochemistry Student mentor
    Ambassador for College of Sciences
    Volunteer weekly at nursing home
    Habitat for Humanity trip south america (last winter)
    Emergency Room volunteer
    Eagle Scout (does this mean anything?)
    Vice President Biology Club (previous college)
    TriBeta National Biological Honors society

    I am really looking to break into academic medicine...So I want to shoot for some reach schools. I know a lot depends on my MCAT, with all else being equal do you guys/girls think I have a shot at schools like:

    Columbia- dream school tbh
    Johns Hopkins

    These are just some reach schools... Please let me know what you think. Any advice on how I can improve?

    Thank you all !
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