Medical What are my chances with low undergraduate sGPA - don't have MCAT?

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Hi I would appreciate any and all help with my school list this cycle

3.36 cGPA and 3.14 sGPA as calculated by AMCAS with 3.61 SMP GPA
  1. MCAT: Havent taken the MCAT yet - test date mid july
  2. State of residency: North Carolina
  3. Ethnicity/race: half kiwi/ half British (US Citizen)
  4. Undergrad: top 30 undergrad located in boston
  5. Clinical experience: volunteered and became president of club at undergrad university that provided free healthcare clinic in rural central america, also scribed for 6 months (~600hrs) , will also be scribing in the upcoming year
  6. Research: worked in a research lab for over a year (~400hrs) -- only did minor work, didnt result in a publication
  7. Shadowing: shadowed in a clinic summer of freshman year in college (~150)
  8. Non clinical volunteer: big brothers big sisters from high school through college
  9. Extra curriculars: TA'd a higher level bioclass my senior year of college, taught english as a foreign language in madrid for a year between undergraduate and SMP
  10. Anything else relevant: I just finished my SMP at BU with a 3.61 GPA -- first semester i got a B and 2 A-s, following semester i got A, A, A-, A- the B first semester was in a 6 credit course that really hindered my overall GPA. Next year I will be scribing and getting a masters in public health
Unfortunately my undergraduate GPA is really low due to poor performance in organic chemistry and physics. thanks for your help!

I have already been verified for this cycle and was hoping for input on my school list:

UNC Chapel Hill
Boston University
Kaiser Permanente
Penn State
California Northstate
Rosalind Franklin
Wayne State
George Washington
New York Medical College
Come back when you have an MCAT score and then we can advise.

For MD, shoot for 513+
For your state schools, 510+
For DO, 505+ (and yes, as a reinventor, you WILL need DO schools on the list. Beggars can't be choosy.
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