Jan 17, 2011
I kind of hit a rough patch in my schooling this past year...I just want to know if I should keep other options open or maybe start focusing on them. My MCAT is really good though.

I attended a small, Catholic college my first 4 semesters. No one has ever heard of it lol
My cGPA there was 3.89
sGPA there: 3.74

I transferred to U of R and picked a stupidly hard major (Microbiology) for 4 semesters. I have 1 semester left to try to boost this bad girl.
cGPA: 3.26
sGPA: 3.11

MCAT: 33Q (11 Bio, 11 Phy, 11 Verbal) Took in August

I have over 130+ hours shadowing many different doctors at The Cleveland Clinic

Did 1 research project with a poster presentation Maybe about ~100 hours all together? It was through a class though.

  • Army ROTC. I've held a lot of the Battalion leadership positions. Lots of awards for leadership, physical fitness etc. My last 2 years of college is where ROTC becomes ridiculously time consuming and I believe that was a factor in my dropping GPA
I'll be commissioning as a 2TL in May and branching Infantry. Once again, lots of leadership here
  • Crew Team my Sophomore and Junior year
  • Cross Country team my freshman year
  • A significant amount with the Mexican Migrant Workers in my hometown.
  • + others but won't bore you

Nothing special about my background. White male from college educated parents
I will be applying for 2015 matriculation (Army obligations)
I am not turning my nose up to DO but would prefer MD schools. Ideally, I am looking at schools in Ohio [Cleveland med schools, Ohio State, Ohio U (DO school) Dayton, NEOMED], Western PA, and Mid to Western NY (SUNY Buffalo, Upstate)

So give it to me straight. Besides going hard my last semester, any other suggestions on how to become more competitive?


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Dec 5, 2012
Medical Student
maybe other military-friendly schools, if there are any (TX, some DO school in KY or TN if I remember right)
What's your overall sGPA and cGPA?
Your volunteering (ie altruism) seems weak.

Other options are always good, but you don't need to drop the goal of DO unless you want to. Idk about MD - depends on the GPA, and getting more volunteer (especially clinical volunteer) activities would be good.
Are you applying 2014 for matriculation 2015? You might want to spend more time on volunteering.