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What are my chances?


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Aug 31, 2003
    I am an MS3 and I have just recently decided I am interested in plastics. I have good grades (~3.97) and will probably be AOA. I got a 256 on Step I and I attend a medical school that is traditionally known to have a top plastics program. The big gap on my application is NO research. What are my chances of getting a spot without research? Should I try to squeeze in a month of token research or focus my time on away rotations? I know that there are no guarantees and nobody can tell me for sure if I will get in or not, but what is your impression on the research "requirement." Should I not even bother applying and apply for general surgery instead?


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    15+ Year Member
    Oct 26, 2003
      98% of respondents said your numbers are good enough for you to attain interviews at integrated plastics programs.

      In the hypercompetitive fields of derm and integrated plastics high numbers are a must, but the intangibles and fortune will allow you to match. Personality, looks, connections, random chance, fashion sense etc.

      Regarding your research question: it doesn't sound like you're too keen to do research. And if you did, it would only for a little insignificant line on your application. Is it necessary?? hmmm...I think every little thing can only help your application.

      You said you go to a school with a top plastics program. This can be to your advantage if you get to know some of the power players in your field. However, this is a very delicate operation and I would advise you to talk to some ppl regarding how to approach particular faculty members. I stress this b/c I've heard that at my school the chairman of the plastics dept will send out lukewarm letters if he doesn't like you that much.

      Overall, you have a good foundation with your numbers...I would say do your plastics elective early at your school and proceed from there. Sounds like you're motivated and interested just go for it.
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