What are my chances?

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Feb 16, 2016
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Long time lurker; Im looking for some advice, I believe that I am heading in the right direction but I would love some feedback, I am a sophomore in college, I started as a business major and was an athlete last year, uncertain of my ability with education I opted for business, now changed to Biology (based on true interest and new found love of it)

Long story short, I never studied in high school, didn't know study techniques, and HATED science etc...after my first year my GPA was a 2.7, I am at 3.1 right now and will get a 4.0 this semester. I've developed great study habits and techniques and my interest in science is profound, etc...I will have 3 more years of Undergrad, limited science courses taken, (4) will be taking chem1 and 2 this summer and starting o-chem 1 and physics 1 in fall. (heading for strong upward trend)

My EC's so far: (started these all this semester)

PotsNPrints; (40 hours total, will continue this for the duration of my UG) A program at my school with a national grant, we bring ceramics to high schools in my region, we take T-shirt printing presses, ceramics wheels, clay, etc...and work with kids throughout the day. The idea is to expose kids to the arts in a society where standardized testing has taken a firm hold and has been far prioritized over the "arts".

Food2Kids: (15 hrs, will continue this for the duration of my UG) Participate in the process of packing roughly 2100 meals for underprivileged kids in my City/Area. The kids get the sacks of food from teachers who put them in backpacks while they are at recess (privacy reasons)

Food Bank:(20 hours, will continue this for the duration of my UG) I help sort the received cans/goods for a food bank with a distribution range of 34,000 Sq miles, 2 hours a week roughly.

Boys/Girls Club: looking to get involved more here, have done a few things to help out here but nothing substantial yet, leaving the area for summer but will resume/get more involved in August and plan to continue with it. My city has huge wealth inequality and the underprivileged kids live in one area of town, this club offers tutoring, sports, etc...for the kids.


Shadowing/Observing: (20 Hours) I got lucky and met an anesthesiologist while judging a science fair, have been allowed to come back as often as I want and have made great connections (lots of great experiences there already) I now have access to this hospital through Doctors I have met there who enjoy having me. (i will continue this throughout my UG)

Research: Was lucky and offered a research lab spot on campus for fall and that would continue for the rest of my UG by a professor.

Lab Assistant: For fall and on I will be a Lab assistant/Student instructor for a Biology 1 lab.

LOR's: This is not an issue, made great connections with good people (science and non-science related)
I know that these LOR's will be strong.

I come from a family with no medical background and no understanding of the process, SDN has been helpful but also discouraging in a lot of ways. I go to a smaller school roughly 5000 students, so opportunity is there if you are driven an motivated, other than clinical volunteering I wont be adding anything to my EC list, I want to focus on that. Im not wrong for that am I? My EC's have given me strong impact so far, and so has my shadowing.

SORRY FOR LENGTH; If you read this, thank you. Just looking for input, what do ya'll think? I feel like I'm heading in the right direction, concerned with GPA and MCAT score (will be taking next august or so)

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No hurry on the MCAT. Just focus on getting good grades for now. You will want to have orgo and biochem behind you, and I would advise taking genetics before the MCAT as well. Your intended ECs are good and diverse. Just get the solid grades for an upward trend, and study hard so you only need to take the MCAT once. Take your time.
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So basically you have no research right now? Is that what I gather?
not yet, but will have at least 4 semesters of research if not more