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Feb 15, 2021
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  1. Pre-Medical

I hope you are having a good day...I am not... cause med school apps are approaching and anxiety has gone up the hill. Please let me your thoughts on my chances for MD schools.

California Resident

MCAT - 514

GPA - 3.6 (sGPA - 3.56)

Non-clinical Volunteering - (non clinical hospital ~100 hours) ( online text counseling ~ 75 hours)

Clinical volunteering / Direct bedside care - 150 hours

Shadowing - 8 hours (will work on this once I get a chance - not getting much response since covid)

Research (haven't counted hours yet maybe 700?) ((in love with my research topic))

  1. 2 Research Scholarships
    1. Scholarship Award from School
    2. Regional Research Presentation Competition Winner - National level Research Presentation Representative (hasn’t occurred yet)
  2. Research Presentation
    1. School Summer Research Conference
    2. Regional Research Presentation Conference
    3. Presentation at a lab workshop with outside investors
  3. Co-author in a published research paper
  4. First author paper (still working on)

  1. TA
    1. Two quarters for a low division bio class
  2. One School organization (3 years) - love this org and can talk about how amazing it is for hours
    1. Member -> co-vice President -> President
thanku for your thoughts. I really really appreciate it. <3


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Apr 25, 2019
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Low shadowing will hurt you but regardless, you have a pretty strong application. Be sure to apply broadly and look for schools that care more about research.

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Jul 14, 2005
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Your ECs are rather weak. And as @MedSchoolTutors said your low shadowing will hurt. We all know about Covid but understand that other applicants will have what is expected. You might want to skip a cycle and beef up all of your ECs. If you are intent on applying this coming cycle develop a broad list. Usually people with your stats focus on service focus schools. But your service is weak and your GPAs are below average for MD Matriculants. Spend some time with the MSAR developing your list. Good luck.
Jan 9, 2020
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  1. Pre-Medical
I think your stats (GPA/MCAT) are good enough to get accepted to at least 1 MD school, possibly more. Research looks pretty strong. The thing that is holding you back is your shadowing hours, but maybe they will cut you some slack with Covid going on.
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