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Feb 2, 2007
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Alright so i've been freaking out hearing about how much people have done etc. (AKA: Freshman planning out their entire lives up until the MCAT etc etc.) I decided to go to med school for sure like beginning of last semester (i'm a junior). I just need someone to tell me im ok, or i've got a decent chance or I need to work harder etc. Here's what I got so far:

GPR: ~3.9 currently, studying for the MCAT right now.

-Did research/was student worker at the local cyclotron with a research group for almost 2 years.
-Was in the MD Anderson summer research program for college students in the Houston Med. Center
-Planning on doing a undergraduate senior thesis fellowship research program next (senior) year, but this is after I apply so im not sure if they will take this into account.

-Honorary member in premed society and the local Cancer Society groups
-in AMSA premed chapter
-Phi Kappa Phi

Community Service:
-Very involved with Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Texas, mentor program for underprivaledged kids
-HOSTS (Helping One Student To Succeed) basically tutor kids at the local.
-Some small various activities

Medical Experience:
-Here is where I start to dwindle...I am currently volunteering at the ER of a local hospital, and have shadowed one doctor before, but thats about it.

-Secretary of my dorm's Hall Council Committee

So bottom line is: I barely have any medical/leadership since I only recently decided I wanted to go to medical school, and wasnt able to get any leadership positions, and am only now doing any medical work. Got 2 decent letter sources, but still trying to figure out the third.

Guess I just need to hear it, since im getting pretty discouraged, and want to know what my chances are.

:):):):)Thanks for reading!:):):):)

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Nov 13, 2006
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no one will know for sure until you take the MCAT since that's one of the biggest factors in the process. But with a solid MCAT, I think you're a solid applicant.
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Sep 25, 2003
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MCAT >= 30: good chance.
MCAT < 30: maybe, maybe not
MCAT < 25: winning the lottery, struck by lightning, etc.
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