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What are people's thoughts on doing as much online work as possible right now?


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Jan 4, 2016
    Since most schools are online/remote at least until the fall, what do people think about doing online courses over the summer?

    Personal details for context: I'm a nontrad, non-science undergrad degree, work full-time at a university and can take one class per semester there, so I'm picking off the pre-reqs one by one. It's T5, so the classes are hard and very labor intensive, and it's slow going. However, there are some local state schools that do online courses year-round specifically for "adult learners" and people with jobs. I've done one course with them just for personal enrichment but have been avoiding them for pre-reqs , since there seems to be a lot of stigma against doing those online, BUT with the virus, everything is online now anyway.

    Would it be smart or dumb to try and do at least one online pre-req course this summer at the state school? It would save me time and money, and from the looks of the MSAR, at least some schools are amending their policies to accept online work and labs for the moment. I'm set up to take orgo at my irl institution in the fall, but was thinking about doing physics (with remote lab) at the online state school.

    Extra problems: I can fit one semester of physics in over this summer, but not sure when I would be able to do the second half; it might not be until either over winter break or next spring. The "online courses are okay bc of covid" policy might have worn off by the time I can do it, and I don't want to mix and match schools for two halves of the same course. I also uhhh don't know what country I'll be living in after next June, so if I don't get physics done before then, I might not be able to do it for a whole year. If I can get it done this year, I'll have all the major pre-req sequences done before I have to move and can figure things out from there.

    Sorry I know that's a lot, but on balance, what should I do?? Is doing anything important online too risky? Posted this Q on reddit and didn't get any responses so hopefully people here will have some advice!


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    Jul 23, 2018
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      this is such a tough situation. I am so sorry that you have to make this decision. It must be really scary for you.

      I dont think anyone can tell you what to do, but i will just tell you what i would have done. So, i was in the military when i started talking a lot of prereqs, and some of them were online, and it was very scary. But at that moment i decided to take them online anyway, just because of uncertainty of the situation. As the result i ended up with 5 different transcripts, but it all worked out. So the worst case scenario: lets say you do take some classes online right now, then take MCAT, apply, get interviewed. you will have time to consider what is happening, and make corrections. For example, one of the schools said that i might have to take one more advanced chemistry course to make up for the online one

      I know that this might not be what you want to hear, but honestly, you just have to decide for yourself. i personally would take whatever i can as fast as i can, and then deal with consequences. Worst case, you might have to take an additional course or two. But this is me. I am very hard-headed and, while it did pay off for me, i know that different people operate differently.
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