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What are some papers and/or books that every Rad Onc PGY-2 should read?


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Jul 23, 2011
  1. Medical Student
    Just curious about good resources for learning about Rad Onc basics.

    I know that nothing beats clinic time and one-on-one teaching, but could anyone suggest landmark papers and/or books that every PGY-2 should read?
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      To original OP - there used to be a "key papers" section on the ARRO subsite of ASTRO, but it was never very updated. Check there. Wiki is good. Ready UpToDate and handbooks and that will point you in the right direction. Also, RTOG protocols do a very through walk-through of the evidence up to that point about whatever they are studying. NCCN for workup and standard tx options.

      The 805

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      Feb 25, 2012
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        I've been essentially following the recipe which Reaganite and SimulD recommended (Leibel and Phillips, Hansen and Roach, Wikibooks, and NCCN guidelines), and I'm finding that's working really well. Tackling everything from the standpoint of workup and staging (which dictates treatment), has helped organize things a little.
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