Mar 26, 2010
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Hi every body, and i would appreciate a help over here.
I have studied in Lebanon in the Lebanese American University.
I have Finished my BS with a CGPA of only 3, with major courses Of 3.1
I have on mcat 24M, 10B 8P 6V.
I have good recommendation letters for my teacher
I am doing a research and i also have community service.
So is their any advice that would help

I was thinking in japan.

I need a med school with english language and accepts undergraduate with a BS in biology


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Jul 12, 2003
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I don't know of any Japanese med schools with an English curriculum. Obviously in the clinical curriculum, your patients would be speaking Japanese.

Even if there was such a school, I think your chances of admission would be extremely poor.


This is an emergency.
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Jul 5, 2008
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well thank you!
Um... I'm sorry to have to say I agree with the poster above. There are no english curriculums in Japanese medical schools and like most Asian countries, it's undergraduate rather than graduate, which means that it will be extremely competitive to the point that it may be up to 5% entry like in Taiwan. Plus, they definitely don't accept the MCAT scores because they have a testing system of their own and they're undergraduate entry like I said while MCAT is used for grad entry. I'm not sure if Japan has grad entry and even if it does, it'll be competitive to the point of choking and they're not exactly friendly with internationals unless you know japanese. As I said, they don't accept MCAT scores (what makes you think they will, actually?) and even with your MCAT score, I'm sure you have er... I can't really think of a nice way to say this, but yeah you have no chance.

As I said, medicine is an a university major that you apply through the college entrance exams and traditionally you must hit the top 10% to even stand a chance (although it's more like 5%)

Community service, loRs don't help because Japanese medical schools only accept only their own entrance exam scores and test score are the only criteria used for consideration and traditionally less than 10% (probably even 5%) of all test takers are admitted. And they have students competitive as hell there.

If you don't understand what competitiveness, please listen to this example: japanese middle school kids learn advanced trigonometry (not that basic crap, the actual trigonometry used in physics and calculus), which is tested for high school entrance.

Why not try Ireland or Australia? They have graduate entry and they have really powerful medical programs, too, but not as competitive because they're a mix of grad and undergrad entry. Plus they accept MCAT and in some schools like the University of Queensland in Australia accept students with a minimum score of 8-8-8-M.
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