What Are The Chances Of Being Accepted Off Of The Pitt Waitlist???

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Nov 3, 2006
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Has anyone been accepted off of it yet? Does anyone know what the chances are of this?? anddd how the hell do you get in touch w ROSE....ive called her like 100 times a day and my call goes straight to her answering machine everytime.

Please let me know if anyone knows anything. Im a bit anxious : )


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Apparantly, pretty good. She released a figure of the class being at most 65% filled before they start going the wait list.
At this point its somewhat unlikely unless you're the very top of the waitlist (of course nobody actually knows where they stand in this wait list). Although if it helps you to know, the dental student i talked to during breakfast said that he was accepted off the waitlist about a week before classes started.

As far as waitlists go I would guess pitt is a pretty slow one to move. The school is good enough that I think most students that get an acceptance would want to go, and the class size is rather small (~80).
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if you want to get a hold of rose call the direct line to admissions, dont call the first professional admissions phone number (her direct line).
I am waitlisted as well. Unfortunately, they will not inform you of your rank on the "alternate list". I wish they could tell us so we know how likley an acceptance would be.
Anyone from the waitlist hear from Rose yet?
Nada? I guess not yet ::fingers crossed:: Apparently aqcceptances were suppose to be handed out by the end of this week from Pitt. Anyone know otherwise?
I talked to Rose on Tues (5/1) and Fri (5/4) she told me the adcomm has met and acceptances have been sent for the waitlist. She also said they are taking it slow and to be patient. I am not going to hold my breath, seems pretty slim now. Best wishes.

is rose going to call the people that get accepted, or are they just sending out letters?

alsoo, did rose happen to mention when the letters were mailed out?
Spoke to Rose today. She said those who are on the waitlist should "hang tight" they are sending out acceptances but conservatively. Also, those accepted will be called first then the packet will come after.
ok its may 20th and i feel that chances of gettin in are pretty slim now.

Who on SDN has been accepted off of pitts waitlist??
or does anyone know how many ppl have been??

and do people agree that once June comes around the class will pretty much stay the same and not many more will move off the waitlist? this is just me speculating
I just got a call the other day...like a week ago. IM GOIN TO PITT BABY! I am actually just more excited that I dont have to reapply! lol. i got into d school and I can start planning my future somewhat. Yeah they are still drawing from waitlist and they will into July. Pitt is actually sorta ahead of the game w their waitlists...and it seems pitt seems to get ditched for other state schools b/c of the tuition difference. I'm in Pitt right now...but if Buffalo calls in the next 3 months, I'll make my 750 donation to pitt and save myself 140,000 in loans and interest by going to buffalo. so spots are still shifting at all schools and it is not over till its over. Btw 20 dat 3.5 gpa 3.3 science....interviewed really well there...if you wanna get an idea of where they are on waitlist. If you are drastically far from that...at this point its just straight numbers....they dont care about extras.