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What are the Opportunities for Epidemiologists with PhDs?


New Member
10+ Year Member
Oct 5, 2008
New York
  1. Pre-Medical
Hey I'm a pre-med student but lately I've been becoming more interested in epidemiology/research/public health with a focus on immunology and virology.

If instead of going for an MD degree, I go for a MS in Epidemiology and then a PhD in Public Health/Epidemiology what types of jobs will be available to me apart from teaching??

and if anyone knows, normally how much (estimate) does a person with a PhD in Epi make??

Thanks a bunch in advance :)
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Full Member
10+ Year Member
Apr 21, 2008
Many people with Doctoral degrees work for the government. Potential include local and state Public Health Departments. They can also consider larger institutions such as NIH, FDA and CDC. There are private firms as well and Pharmaceutical companies. From what I can gather, it's a good time to be on the job market with a PhD in Epidemiology.

With a PhD in Epidemiology, you should be able to start at $70-80K+ or higher. I think you're making a good decision.
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the evil queen of numbers
15+ Year Member
Mar 7, 2005
  1. Academic Administration
Many epidemiologists, particularly those focusing on non-infectious diseases (cardiovascular, cancer, perinatal, psychiatric), are employed as faculty members at research universities but teach very little, if at all. The work is purely research (write grant, conduct study, analyze data, write for publication, attend professional meetings, rinse, repeat).
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