What are the options for clinical psychology work abroad (outside the US)?

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Aug 13, 2022
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Hi all!

I'm currently a 5th year clinical psychology Ph.D. student who will be starting my predoctoral internship program this summer (which is a little more research-oriented than average). My wife works remotely and has some interest in us potentially living and working abroad (either remotely with US-based jobs, or employed positions in the new country). I'm wondering if anyone in the SDN psychology community has any advice, suggestions, or resources about how to pursue psychology-related work outside of the US and whether it's feasible.

Currently, I'm on the academic trajectory, but plan to get licensed and have practice be at least part of my career (i.e., working at a university or academic medical center with a practice on the side component). I've heard that it's much easier to find research/academic positions abroad, and that there can be some complications with getting US licensure recognized in other countries. Though I do believe I could be successful in academia, I am also second-guessing whether an academic career would be right for me, and am open to careers that would be primarily practice-oriented or even industry jobs that are or aren't psychology-adjacent. Anyone currently going through something similar or have gone through something like this in the past?

For context, my research and clinical experiences are mostly child and adolescent-focused, but I do have a decent amount of clinical experience working with adults. I also have an unofficial stats concentration of sorts, having taken five statistics courses in my program, am currently TAing for an advanced graduate-level stats course, and am very proficient in R.

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