What are you doing to this summer to prepare for pharmacy school?

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Mar 20, 2005
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I saw a thread that asked what everyone was doing this summer, but it seemed like a vacation plans thread. Which was fun to read.

I am planning on doing some travel (visit family around the country) and do some needed work around the house. We sort of have a fixer-upper.

Anyways, I wondered what you all were doing as far as last minute reviews or getting a jump on pharmacy school.

Also, I've talked to some current pharmacy students on what they wish they would have reviewed before pharmacy school. So far, it seems that whatever they felt that they were weak on, they wish they would have reviewed.

I know many of you will say, "It's your last summer off, so relax!" But, I really would like to have some suggestions on what do for a review (or start looking at) for pharmacy school.

Lastly, (sorry, I did not intend to be so long winded) I will be attending Midwestern University - Glendale, so any specific suggestions from current/past students from there would be greatly appreciated!

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I will be taking a last minute physics class. Also I will be taking CPR. I am slightly annoyed about the CPR bit having already made out with an asexual CPR dummy in highschool gym class.

It was not an experience, I feel ,was necessary to repeat.
If I get in I am going to take a cell bio class to review (it's also necessary for the program) - kinda scary cuz it's only 17 days long like 4 hours a day right during finals of my organic 1 and gen chem 2 classes :eek: - ehhh whatever.
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TrojanAnteater said:
gonna get really ahead on my sleep.

So lucky!! I'll be sleeping about 4 hours a night by august probably but then my week off be4 starting pharmacy (hopefully)...will be allll :sleep: